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Bienvenue au royaume de la liberté bancaire

Les meilleures banques du Panama ouvrent leurs portes aux Africains 

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Protégez votre argent

Notre équipe vous propose un service d'ouverture de compte bancaire offshore VIP au Panama, un pays neutre et stable.

Sécurisez vos fonds en dollars américains (USD) au Panama, l'une des principales juridictions offshore au monde.

Pourquoi ouvrir un compte bancaire offshore au Panama ?

Ouverture de compte 100% à distance et sécurisée. Rendements annuels les plus élevés au monde (5% à 7% par an).

Accès aux comptes bancaires en Dollars américains, Euros et Dollars canadiens.

Le pays de référence pour les solutions bancaires offshore.

Accès aux cartes bancaires utilisables dans le monde entier - Visa/Mastercard.

Accès à l'application de la banque depuis n'importe où dans le monde.

Discrétion maximale - L'une des meilleures politiques de confidentialité bancaire au monde.


4 étapes VIP vers la liberté bancaire 

Choisissez le seul partenaire qui fait approuver les Africains


Contactez nos experts pour une consultation gratuite 


Fournissez vos documents pour une assistance VIP de nos avocats  après le paiement complet


Candidature approuvée, vous pouvez approvisionner votre compte


Téléchargez votre application et profitez de la liberté bancaire !

Pourquoi nous choisir ?

Compte bancaire offshore drapeau Panama non

Localisation stratégique

Protégez vos fonds dans la Suisse d'Amérique latine. Diversifiez-vous dans un monde en constante évolution.

Panama millionnaire sud-africain offshore

 Une expertise unique

Nous sommes la seule agence qui aide les Africains à ouvrir leurs comptes bancaires offshore au Panama.

Services juridiques au Panama, services bancaires offshore et

Professionnels agréés

Nous travaillons avec les meilleurs avocats locaux pour des contacts exclusifs et les dernières informations sur le terrain.

Des fonctionnalités premium

Des avantages exceptionnels pour les Africains

Ouverture de comptes personnels et professionnels pour sécuriser vos fonds 

Comptes bancaires ouverts et prêts à l'emploi en 2 semaines

Top 3 des meilleures banques au Panama
(Cartes bancaires utilisables dans le monde entier)

Nos avocats agréés font accepter vos dossiers auprès des banques

Dépôt minimum entre 3 000 et
50 000 USD. Balances en USD/ EUR/CAD

100% de réussite

Equipe de la diaspora Africaine francophone au Panama

Choisissez la touche française de la diaspora  pour un service premium et sur-mesure. 

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Frederick, Durban, S.A

«Service haut de gamme. J'ai payé mes comptes bancaires professionnels et personnels et j'ai reçu mes cartes en 2 semaines !"

Ikechukwu, Nigeria

"Je recommande vivement. Ils ont ouvert des comptes pour moi et tous les membres de ma famille."

Steeve, Le Cap, S.A

« Excellente qualité de service. Très facile et rapide. Le Panama est la meilleure solution offshore."

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Découvrez les résultats photos de nos clients satisfaits et suivez notre travail sur le terrain 

  • What documents do I need to provide?
    Once your call with our expert has been made and your payment is valid, you will need to provide us with the following documents: For all African nationalities (except for Nigerians): - A copy of your valid passport - Proof of income and description of your activity - A bank reference is preferred - A water or electricity bill of your country of residence For Nigerians: - A copy of your valid passport + ID Card - A proof of income and description of your activity - Last two tax returns - Income certification completed and signed by a certified public accountant - Work letter indicating the position performs, time in the company and accrued remuneration. (dated not greater than 30 days) or employment contract. - A bank reference - A water or electricity bill of your country of residence For corporate accounts this will require company information as well as financial statements, the commercial register and other documents (Book a call with our experts)
  • Does Panama provide high banking privacy? Is it legal?
    Panama is one of the best offshore jurisdictions in the world. Known for its security, stability and discretion. Opening an offshore account for you or your company is legal provided that you declare it to your country of tax residence. Panama is CRS only with Nigeria and South Africa. Although known for not easily sharing information which is great for discretion.
  • How can I pay for the service? Which payment methods are accepted?
    You can pay for your offshore bank account opening service in Panama via international bank transfer, Visa/Mastercard/Amex bank card and cryptocurrency (BTC/USDC/USDT)
  • How do I get my debit/credit card once my bank account is open?
    Once your bank account in Panama is opened, the bank will send you by DHL or Fedex (at your expense) your official documents as well as your debit/credit card that can be used worldwide.
  • What ensures that my application will be accepted?
    We work with the best law firms in Panama City and therefore have privileged contacts with banks. If your file is complete, we submit it to our lawyers who will do everything to ensure that your bank account is opened. 95% of our requests are accepted. If you are refused for one reason or another, we will refund you in full.
  • Is Panama a 'safe heaven' in case of global conflicts?
    Occupying a geostrategic position between North America and South America, possessing the Panama Canal, a major axis of world trade, Panama is a small, quiet and most importantly a neutral country which has always been on the sidelines of major world conflicts. Sheltered from hurricanes and sparsely populated. It is impossible to predict the future but this jurisdiction remains a destination of choice to place part of your funds in the event of economic and political collapse.
  • Why should I absolutely open a bank account in Panama?
    Panama is the Switzerland of the Americas. Unlike the Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevis or Saint Lucia, Panama is entirely dollarized. The USD is legal tender in the country and ensures economic stability. A country with little paperwork and almost total banking freedom.
  • Why is it important to secure my funds in US Dollars?
    Whether you have FCFA, Cedi, Naira or Rand, we know all the faults of African banks as well as the exchange problems. Make international transfers in a powerful currency with complete peace of mind. Panama is the perfect country for Africans looking to secure their funds in a reliable currency. The Dollar will always remain a reference currency in global trade.
  • Why is Panama considered as one of the top offshore juridictions worldwide?
    Just like Singapore or Hong Kong, Panama is a leader in the banking sector in the world. With just under 100 international banks, each having their own acceptance criteria. The banking system is seriously regulated and the country has been a global business hub for many years.
  • Do banks in Panama easily accept Africans?
    No, this is the reason why we created this service for Africans. Thanks to our services and our relationships this is now possible. The only African country part of Panama's Friendly Nations program is South Africa. This is simpler for South Africans than for Egyptians, Ivorians, Kenyans or Senegalese for example ( a little more tedious but we make it work out).
  • How long does it take to open my bank account in Panama? How much does it cost?
    Once your complete application is submitted to us and verified by our certified lawyers, it ranges from 5 days to 2 weeks to open your Panamanian bank account. For any questions about the costs and tailor-made requests, please book a free video consultation with our experts.
  • Is my country eligible?
    All african countries are eligible except the following: - Burundi - Central African Republic - Somalia - South Sudan -Sudan and Darfur - Zimbabwe
  • Do you offer multi-currency accounts?
    Yes, we provide bank accounts that include balances in Dollars, Euros and Canadian Dollars.
  • What are the different types of bank accounts and their initial deposit?
    We offer several types of bank accounts according to your needs: Personal bank accounts: - Saving account: initial deposit of 3K dollars - Checking account: initial deposit of 5K dollars - Premium Account: initial deposit of 50K dollars Business bank account: - Checking account: initial deposit of 10K dollars * Concerning Nigerians, for any type of account, our partner bank requires an initial deposit of 50K dollars. (Considered as high-risk clients, other banks in Panama refuse Nigerians)
  • Use of personal information, is it confidential?
    The information and documents transmitted for account openings are 100% strictly confidential and will not be shared.
  • What are the long term returns if I put money in a bank account in Panama?
    Panama consistently delivers high returns on offshore bank accounts, it goes from 5% up to 7% a year! This concerns long-term deposits, i.e. 1 year minimum, unrivaled worldwide! Panama provides this attractive proposition for those seeking to maximize their wealth.
  • Do you offer a service for residency in Panama for Africans? What are the fees?
    We have temporarily suspended this service due to a change of government in 2024, the procedures may change.
  • Do you have access to my funds/deposit?
    No. Once your bank account is opened, you are the only one to have access to it in order to start using it.
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